Do You Know Which Needles Are Needed for Handmade Woolen Fabric?

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Do you have any friends who, while waiting for the bus, the underground, waiting in line for banking, taking a nap at noon or after dinner, always pull out their wool and play with a couple of stitches whenever they find a gap? Switch to crochet if the stick needles are inconvenient, or bring a […]

How to Install & Use the Two-Head Portable Knitting Machine?

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Are you a bit interested in this little portable knitting machine while afraid you won’t know how to use it? Don’t worry, this machine is exceptionally easy to set up and operate. Follow me. 1. Take the machine and all the parts out of the box and place it on the workbench 2. Unscrew the four […]

The step by step guide to change the needles of the crochet head


A lot of new contact crochet machinery friends inquires me how to change the needle of the head. Follow me and be a needle changer! First, prepare all the items of below list 1)the head needs to be changed needles2) some new needles3) labor gloves4) adjustable wrench5) crosshead screwdriver Step 1: Wear gloves to avoid […]

How Is The Mask Cord Made?

Mask Cord

This article talk about the production process from the raw materialof the elastic rope, the machine used in the production, and the packing method.