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How to Install & Use the Two-Head Portable Knitting Machine?

Pexels Anastasiya Gepp 1462638

Are you a bit interested in this little portable knitting machine while afraid you won’t know how to use it? Don’t worry, this machine is exceptionally easy to set up and operate. Follow me.

Portable Knitting Machine 1

1. Take the machine and all the parts out of the box and place it on the workbench

2. Unscrew the four screws on the top of the machine with a suitable hexagonal screwdriver

Portable Knitting Machine 2

3. Attach one bracket each

Portable Knitting Machine 3

4. Tighten the 2 horizontal brackets from the bottom upwards as shown in the picture

Portable Knitting Machine 4
Portable Knitting Machine 4

5. Fix the tensioner

Portable Knitting Machine 5

6. Attach the head to the machine and tighten the bottom screw

Portable Knitting Machine 6

7. Attach the round belt, 2 heads, same way

Portable Knitting Machine 7

8. Adjust the loop to an approximate position

Portable Knitting Machine 8

9. Arrange the yarn according to the path shown

Portable Knitting Machine 9

10. Adjust the position of the loop again so that it is easy to guide the yarn through the needle.

This step requires some patience to try and adjust to find the most suitable position.

Portable Knitting Machine 10

11. Pass the yarn through the hook of each needle and make a complete loop

Portable Knitting Machine 11

12. Press the yarn under the head onto the wheel

Portable Knitting Machine 12

13. Adjust the white line on the two speed buttons towards the lower left corner to low speed, with the power off.

 Adjust the speed of the thread wheel with the left knob and the speed of the machine head with the right knob.

Portable Knitting Machine 13

14. Plug in the power supply and turn on the switch

220V Triphase.

Then the machine starts to run.

The rope size is based on head model. If you wan to change the rope size, only need to change the heads.

Portable Knitting Machine 14

What rope does it produce?

Please refer the the following chart. It can produce both elastic belt for mask . Well, non-elastic hollow belt such as polypropylene rope, cotton rope, etc. is no problem.

Non Elastic Rope
Non Elastic Rope
Mask Rope
Mask Rope

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