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Earloop Crochet Machine Head

Braiding circular elastic or non-elastic rope for mask or shoes or paper bag.

Additional information


6 needles


0.6 kgs



Rope Style


Rope Size

Diameter 2.5-3 mm

Product Details

The Crochet machine head is one of the most important parts of knitting elastic or non-elastic rope.

For elastic cord, 6 or 8 or 12 needles head produce 3 mm round band, suits 3ply mask.

KN95 or Cup Mask needs flat rope, 16 or 24 needles head produce 4-5 mm flat belt.

For non-elastic rope, please tell us the exact size you want to produce, so we can recommend a suitable model.

ModelHole Size Tope TypeRope SizeMaterila
4 needles head4 mmRound2.5 mm140D+140D
6 needles head4 mmRound3 mm140D+140D
8 needles head5 mmRound3 mm140D+70D
12 needles head7 mm Flat3.5 mm70D+70D
16 needles head7 mmFlat4 mm70D+70D
16 needles head 10 mmFlat4.5 mm70D+70D
24 needles head10 mmFlat5 mm70D+70D
Needles Heads
Needles Heads

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