Cord Tipping Top

How Do You Fix a Poor Working Result of a Tipping Machine?

Cord Tipping Top

Recently, there was a feedback from a customer that the film could not wrap well around the rope top after the tipping machine was replaced with a new supplier’s film, as shown in the picture below.

Bad Workout

Indeed, this is a problem that many users may encounter in the future.
Let’s take a look at what causes it and how to fix it.

Most film openings are caused by the following 4 reasons.

1.Tipping machine working temperature is too low.

You could feel just product film just tipped whether there is a sense of warmth. If there is, for the time being do not have to adjust. If not, may be the mold temperature is too low, need to be adjusted up, re-feel debugging.

Feel It

2.Mold pressure is not enough.

There are 2 screws behind the cover of the mold, tighten them in a little to solve the problem of insufficient pressure.

3.Acetone liquid’s problem.

Poor quality Acetone liquid can lead to poor work in the picture above. 

It is also possible that the rope material does not absorb acetone liquid.

You could do tests comparing different materials of rope to check whether it is the quality of the liquid or the rope material that is the problem,and then optimize it.


4.The cutting film is too short.

If you set the cut down film too short it will also cause the problem in the OP. You might try adjusting it a little longer and see the results.

That’s it for today’s post, if you guys have any questions about rope machines feel free to leave a comment.

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