Most Competitve Chinese Handbaglace Tipping Machine

The handbag tipping machine is widely used in all kinds of round and flat gift bag tring, and is specially used to make the little plastic tip on the end of the lace (aglet).

The aglet is made of celluloid acetate film. There are two types of shoelace tipping machines, fully automatic and semi-automatic.

This machine is automatic model. It is most competitive in China as compair with quality and price, its best!



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Automatic Shoelace Plastic Tipping Machine

This machine is a specialized machine for different kinds of shoelace round tip and reticule rope eave tile,which is perfectly designed with advanced moulds.

1.  Especially for handbag or giftbag lace.

2. Variable cutter sizes to your unique needs.

3. Machine is easy-to-operate and easy-to-maintenance.

4. High speed: 4000pcs/hour

Size: L138*W110*H140cm
Weight: 600kgs
Voltage: 220V/380V
Lace length: 28-50mm

Hand Back Rope

I have strong arms that can quickly tip out a sturdy cord head.

I have a hard-working heart that can work day in and day out without ever complaining about the pain.

I have a simple appearance, but my heart is full of strength.

I believe that if you choose me, I will be your most faithful working partner!

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