Hot Selling 90 Model Multi-Color Cord Braiding Machine

The 90 type rope machine is a high-speed rope braiding machine that is mainly used to produce elastic or non-elastic ropes with a diameter of less than 9 mm. The round or flat cord is widely used for clothing, shoes, hats or daily use.



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Rope Braiding Machine For Elastic & Nonelastic

This machine is a specialized machine for different kinds of material and making round or flat cord as photos show.
1. Multi-functional machine can braid both elastic and non-elastic cord, both hollow or filler cord.
2. Produces 0.1-8mm ropes for a wide range of production needs.
3. Machine is easy-to-operate and easy-to-maintenance.
Size: L130*W135*H155cm
Weight: 400kgs
Voltage: 220V/380V 50hz (support custom)

90 Model


Elastic Rope




I am not a perfect machine,

I am the most popular of my siblings.

I like to work in peace and quiet,

And I pride myself on my ability to weave neat ropes quickly.




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