High Vs Regular

High-speed head VS Regular-speed head, what is the difference?

High Vs Regular
How to judge the High-speed knitting machine head and regular-speed head?

A customer tell me he was conned by a supplier who sold him low-speed braiding heads as high-speed heads. He is so angry that the capacity is falling far short of expectations.

To avoid being fooled, let me tell you the difference between the two speeds of the heads.


1.The regular-speed head has only 2 bearings while the high-speed head has 3 bearings

Spindle Vs 1
Spindle Vs 1

2.The spindle of a normal speed machine is not as long as that of a high-speed machine spindle

3.Normal-speed head 800-2000 rpm, high-speed head 2000-4000 rpm


4.The needles type is different. Please refer the picture.

5.The capacity of a high-speed head is about twice of a regular-speed head

6.The material of the two kind head is different. High-speed head is better.

If you still can not distinguish clearly, please contact us, help you to judge it for free.

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