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Elastic Cord Braiding Machine High Speed Head

Elastic cord braiding machine head can produce 2.5-7 mm rope to meet the demands of most mask production.

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4 needles head
6 needles head
8 needles head
12 needles head
16 needles head
24 needles head


0.73 kg
0.8 kg

Product Details

The elastic cord is widely used in the face mask and garment industry.

Our braiding machine can produce 2.5-7 mm elastic rope.

3ply mask earloop: 4/6/8 needles head

N95/FFP2: 12/16/24 needles head

The head can also produce non-elastic rope by changing the material from spandex and nylon or polyester to cotton or polypropylene yarn.


ModelHole Size Tope TypeRope SizeMaterila
4 needles head4 mmRound2.5 mm140D+140D
6 needles head4 mmRound3 mm140D+140D
8 needles head5 mmRound3 mm140D+70D
12 needles head7 mm Flat3.5 mm70D+70D
16 needles head7 mmFlat4 mm70D+70D
16 needles head 10 mmFlat4.5 mm70D+70D
24 needles head10 mmFlat5 mm70D+70D

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