Fancy Cord Knitting Machine's Shaft/Spindle/Cylinder

Shaft is the core component of Fancy Cylinder Machine, which is used to control the movement of the cylinder.  And is the key to produce fancy yarns and fabrics in Fancy Cylinder Machine. The quality and performance of the shafts directly affects the productivity and product quality. Regular inspection and maintenance extends the life of the part.

If it is worn, corroded, or cracked, it needs to be replaced as soon as possible.

If you want to produce a different size rope, just replace this shaft.



4 needles
6 needles
8 needles
12 needles
16 needles
24 needles


Regular Speed
High Speed

Product Details

The cylinder is the core part of the knitting machine to knitt cords.

It has troughs to install the needles. When spindles turning around, the needles up and downs, the rope is producing out.

It can knitting multi-color for shoelaces, drawstring cord, zipper center cord, wrapped cord, decorative rope cord, blinds, hammock cord and other cord.

Different brand knitting machine cylinder size are different.

The hole size  and needles number of the spindle will affect the rope’s size.

Support custom service.

Cylinder Details 1
Cylinder Details 1



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