Spindle of Knitting Machine Head

The spindle is the heart part of the knitting machine head.



4 needles
6 needles
8 needles
12 needles
16 needles
24 needles


Regular Speed
High Speed

Product Details

The Spindle is the heart part of the knitting machine head.

It has troughs to install the needles. When spindles turning around, the needles up and downs, the rope is producing out.

The regular speed spindles’ diameter is 17.8mm, and the length is 118-120MM.

The hole size of the spindle will affect the rope’s size.

Please tell us the rope’s size, so we could recommend you a suitable model for you.


ModelHole Size Tope TypeRope SizeMaterila
4 needles head4 mmRound2.5 mm140D+140D
6 needles head4 mmRound3 mm140D+140D
8 needles head5 mmRound3 mm140D+70D
12 needles head7 mm Flat3.5 mm70D+70D
16 needles head7 mmFlat4 mm70D+70D
16 needles head 10 mmFlat4.5 mm70D+70D
24 needles head10 mmFlat5 mm70D+70D

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