10-1500MM Wire Mesh Rope Weaving Machine

Metal  mesh tubes are widely used to make wire mesh defoamers and other components used in separation works, seals, insulation parts outer layer protection, and are also widely used in the automotive industry. Our company produces different specifications and models of weaving machine, wire diameter range of 0.08 ~ 0.5 flat wire or round wire, molding wire mesh can be rolled into a corrugated shape, and a variety of materials for users to choose.

Wire mesh rope weaving machine support custom .

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Wire mesh rope weaving machine can weave steel wire, iron wire, copper wire, gold wire, silver wire and other metal yarns and so on into hollow metal rope, and then process them into other finished products.

If you need to customize, please tell us the number of stitches, hole diameter or width of the rope, the material diameter of the metal wire, and so on. If you don’t have this information, you can tell us the usage, requirement, etc. We will provide the plan for reference.

This metal mesh machine is reliable, lightweight and easy to operate.

Number of needles:4-300
Mesh width:2-1500mm
Wire diameter:0.08-0.55mm
Weight:Various Input Voltage:220;380v
Support customization


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