Portable Elastic /Non-Elastic Cord Crochet Knitting Machine

This two-head portable mask cord knitting machine is designed for home or workshop.



6 Needles Head
8 Needles Head
12 Needles Head
16 Needles Head
24 Needles Head


25 kgs



Main motor



41X38X32 cm

Product Details

The portable mask cord knitting machine is designed for home or workshop.

It also can produce other cotton or PP rope.

Below is its advantage:

  1. Small Appearance: convenient for delivery & saving room

  2. Easy Operation: smart design

  3. High Output: 4-5kgs/day for elastic cord

  4. Quick delivery: within 7 days

Standard model, heads model: 4/6/8/10/12/16/20/24 needles head for choice.

The two head should be exact same.




Hello, my name is Rope Braider, I am a cute little machine with two heads! Don’t look at my small size, but I’m powerful and can braid beautiful ropes.

My features:

*Pretty appearance: I have a delicate appearance and fashionable color scheme, put it at home or in the studio, not only practical, but also can become a bright landscape.
*Compact and lovely: I am compact and lightweight, easy to move and store, even a small studio can easily accommodate me.
*Powerful: I have two braiding heads, which can braid two ropes at the same time, greatly improving the braiding efficiency.
*Easy to operate: I’m easy to use, even a novice can get started quickly and easily weave a variety of beautiful ropes.
*Wide range of applications: I can weave rope of various materials, rope with a diameter of up to 10 mm can be easily managed.

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